Susan Slogick

I am a second generation American and was researching my fathers’ ancestors. I knew very little about that side of the family-my grandparents had both passed away before I was born. All I knew about them was the year they immigrated to the US (1910) and their dates of birth. Once I had exhausted all the databases I could here in the States, I contacted Genopolis for some assistance. I feared I would be out of luck-my last name had been “Americanized” over the years and I had no idea as to its original spelling; also, the name my grandfather used on the ship he arrived on turned out to be the Latinized version of the cyrillic spelling of his name. Ireneusz took my scant information from that ship manifest and my grandfathers’ naturalization papers and found my family. Not only did he find the parents and siblings of my grandparents (and the original spelling of our name), he also found birth and death records, marriage records; all of which he translated for me and gave me some explanations regarding the differences in dates due to the calendars in use at the time (Julian vs Gregorian). He went further back, finding earlier ancestors. I have been thrilled with the results. From his efforts I was able to find other family who also came to the US early last century that I didn’t know about. It’s given me a more complete connection to my family tree. All his work was done at very reasonable rates and, in my opinion, well worth the money spent. I would highly recommend this company for your ancestor searches.