Saint-Pathus, Seine-et-Marne, France

Ireneusz was very quickly able to find the geographical origins of my great grandparents, starting from limited information. The information occurring from research and the presentation of results is impeccable. While discussing and writing email with Ireneusz, I discovered the vast culture he owns. This immediately created a trusting relationship and you know you work with the right person. I fully recommend to work with Genepolis.

Michael Klimczak,
Rockford, Illinois, USA

Mr. Ireneusz Miras is a wonderful genealogist! From step one I was impressed with his professionalism and extensive knowledge of Polish ancestry. Mr. Miras has helped me grow my family tree beyond what I had hoped for. I will continue to use his services in the future.

Kristin Sowers,
Chandler, Arizona, USA

Ireneusz has helped in ways I never thought possible. He has introduced me to generations of ancestors I never knew I had. I receive very thorough research results. He has been able to travel to different parts of the country to conduct research on my behalf. Hiring Ireneusz is the best thing I did to discover my Polish roots.

Ronnie Reilly,
The Woodlands, Texas, USA

When I contacted Ireneusz Miras I had no idea what to expect. I had limited Polish family history on my father’s side of the family to share with him. With the limited information I presented he amazed me with what he was able to find. The Polish documents and the English Translations are so impressive. His presentation of documents, his sited sources and charts are so important to understand family history.

With DNA matches and with Ireneusz’s assistance I have been able to help distant family members I knew nothing about help to complete not only my family history but theirs as well. It has been a pleasure to work with Ireneusz. Thank you Ireneusz for all of your assistance.

Irena Gurtat-Kubik,
Warszawa, Polska

Serdecznie dziękuję p. Ireneuszowi Mirasiowi za niezwykle sprawne wykonanie zlecenia polegającego na odszukaniu moich praprzodków w sytuacji niemal całkowitego braku danych. Podziwiam Pana dociekliwość i kompetencje pozwalające śledzić zagmatwane, odległe /!/ w czasie losy ludzi znanych, bywa, tylko z nazwiska.

Carol and Tad Stashwick,
New Hampshire, USA

We have been very pleased with Ireneusz’s research and his company. He gathered information from us and then immediately – within hours, it seemed – was able to locate my husband’s family. Seeing the birth, marriage and death documents was very meaningful to more than 50 living members of our family. We appreciate Ireneusz’s integrity and honesty, and we think his fees were very reasonable. What he was able to uncover were things that no one in the family ever thought could be found, especially after two world wars and all the devastation in Poland. And there were no more „old ones” in the U.S. family to give us clues as to where to search. He opened up a whole world to us, and we look forward so much to our visit to Poland, the first trip of many, we hope.

Susan Slogick,
Pennsylvania, USA

I am a second generation American and was researching my fathers’ ancestors. I knew very little about that side of the family-my grandparents had both passed away before I was born. All I knew about them was the year they immigrated to the US (1910) and their dates of birth. Once I had exhausted all the databases I could here in the States, I contacted Genopolis for some assistance. I feared I would be out of luck-my last name had been “Americanized” over the years and I had no idea as to its original spelling; also, the name my grandfather used on the ship he arrived on turned out to be the Latinized version of the cyrillic spelling of his name. Ireneusz took my scant information from that ship manifest and my grandfathers’ naturalization papers and found my family. Not only did he find the parents and siblings of my grandparents (and the original spelling of our name), he also found birth and death records, marriage records; all of which he translated for me and gave me some explanations regarding the differences in dates due to the calendars in use at the time (Julian vs Gregorian). He went further back, finding earlier ancestors. I have been thrilled with the results. From his efforts I was able to find other family who also came to the US early last century that I didn’t know about. It’s given me a more complete connection to my family tree. All his work was done at very reasonable rates and, in my opinion, well worth the money spent. I would highly recommend this company for your ancestor searches.

Carol Gutt,
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA

I contracted Mr. Ireneusz Miras of Krakow to locate my grandfather’s family in Poland. I had no idea if any members where alive or where they lived as my grandfather died in 1946. The only information I had was a town listed on the boat manifest that took my grandfather to America in 1908. Ireneusz visited the town administration and church in southern Poland, locating records that led him to the Ostrusza area. After making several trips contacting people, he found family living in Ciezkowice.

One can only imagine their skepticism by being contacted by a stranger asking questions about someone who emigrated to America over a hundred years ago. Ireneusz being the warm and intelligent young man that he is was able to easily gain their trust so needed to make our meeting possible. Ireneusz arranged a visit for me with my new found family when I came to Poland in October, 2013. He drove me to their homes, translated for me, and took numerous photographs to document this momentous event.

I was very impressed with Ireneusz communication skills relating to people with different backgrounds and education; he is a very likeable young man. He was very thorough in his investigation of records and research of my family. He provided me with a professional presentation of a family tree going back several hundred years. He has a wonderful gift to be able to bring strangers together.

Thank you Ireneusz for helping me learn of my heritage and most importantly finding family!

Lindy Mazur,
Victoria, Australia

With very little information to begin with Ireneusz worked incredibly hard and managed to find a wealth of information to help us connect with the family we never knew. Despite the huge distance between us (Iam located in Australia), Ireneusz kept me informed of the plans and progress as information came to him and provided me with a range of research options along the way. I can not thank Ireneusz enough for all the work he did. It was collated into a beautiful book which I presented to my husband on his 60th birthday. The book was written well and translated in English along with relevant photos. Our family will treasure this book and enjoy passing it onto future generations.